UP Ceilings - Commercial Architectural Products

UP Ceilings, LLC is a specialty manufacturer of ceiling and wall systems for commercial construction. Based out of New York City, they work directly with architects and designers to manufacture custom products.


While UP Ceilings has been in business for several years, In the Vine provided web design and SEO marketing services for their new re-branding effort in 2019. This included an entire overhaul of their website, on-page and off-page optimization and link building, and blog content creation with a mobile friendly approach.


When Up Ceilings decided to launch an e-commerce store to sell GFRG/drywall Access Panels (branded as Phantom Panels), we integrated their back-end fulfillment with the fabrication facility to assure seamless and smooth fulfillment automation.

From the original four size offerings, UP now provides hundreds of sizes from 6" to 120". All UP panels are made and calibrated for 5/8" sheetrock. Our door panels are computer programmed to match the frames so that every panel fits in every orientation with even gaps on all sides, every time. UP frames include a wooden embellishment so bugle head screws, or torque, do not fracture or crack the frames. Every access panel and frame is shipped ready to be taped and painted.

Client: UP Ceilings and Walls - Specialty Architectural Products for Commercial Construction

Services: Web design, E-commerce Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Date: February 2019 - Present

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